Ultimate fit/cut specially designed for sports/elastic covering

"This is not just a pair of underwear, it is the last line of defense between you and your body."
The words "FREE MY FAIRY" are embroidered on the big words, and the cages of imprisonment are embroidered one after another; does the Fairy in your heart continue to sleep? Or liberation? It's up to you.

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"It takes balls to be a fairy." Fairy, who seems to be taking an unconventional route, actually follows this sentence and is willful and boldly herself.

This year, we launch a bottled cocktail that can fulfill your inner desires - Fairy in a bottle. It has the strength of a strong liquor but the sweetness and refreshing taste of a cocktail. It can be drunk easily without any precautions, making you a fairy.

Fairy and BYO's joint underwear is based on this inspiration. This FREE MY FAIRY allows you to liberate yourself with Fairy.

Kerry Elastic Fabric

*For the first time, this series of products cooperates with Hong Kong underwear elastic band manufacturer Kerry Elastic Fabric Limited to develop underwear waistbands. They combine many years of professional craftsmanship and innovative design to achieve sustainable development, product diversification and strict quality control for this series of products. Bringing another level of fine workmanship and comfort. Brand new stunning and meticulous, making your underwear more than just underwear.