BeWithYou new product launch

Extremely stretchable, highly hygroscopic and powerfully releasing

BYO new products launched

The belt is made of recycled yarn, environmentally friendly and water-saving dyed fabric, and the product manufacturing process is in line with the trend of environmental friendliness.

Millions of sales, constant praise

GQ reported on the most popular men's clothing, unanimously recommending the MIT Classic series of underwear, which is a hot seller in Asia.

  • The brand that best understands men’s needs

    Studying the preferences of thousands of consumers, we are determined to give men a new and better inner wearing experience.

  • Taking sustainable fashion seriously

    BYO launches the Classic series, which uses "environmentally friendly dyeing" to reduce resource waste. Pay attention to environmental sustainability.

  • Meet all situational needs

    Whether it’s sports, leisure or fashion, BYO allows you to find the style that best suits you.

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